Alvernia Obstetric Screening Centre (AOSC) is located in Mount Alvernia Hospital.  We are an ultrasound screening centre for pregnant women — and we’ve been operating in this hospital since July 2019, scanning patients from Mount Alvernia Hospital and other private hospitals. We have a team of experienced obstetric sonographers using high resolution ultrasound machines (i.e. GE E8), reporting with the Astraia ultrasound database software and producing quality comprehensive reports with clear suggestions if there are abnormalities. Clinical Pastoral Care department of the hospital works with AOSC to give compassionate care to support the parents if we do occasionally detect major fetal abnormalities.





Principal Sonographer and Manager

Millia was awarded the Colombo Plan Scholarship from the Ministry of Health to do a course in Medical Ultrasound in 1986 in the United Kingdom. She was attached to Princess Anne’s Maternity Hospital and the Southampton General Hospital for training and attachments. Graduated in 1988 with a Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (UK). She had also obtained the Fetal Medicine Foundation Certificate of Competence for First Trimester Obstetrics (online yearly accreditation since 2004).
She has a special interest in obstetrics ultrasound and been performing Obstetric Ultrasound for 30years in KK Women’s and children’s Hospital, Raffles Hospital and in Mount Alvernia Hospital.  She has performed a wide variety of scans such as, First Trimester Scans, Second Trimester Fetal Anomaly Scan, Third Trimester Growth Scan, Doppler Scan, Pre-eclampsia screening, 3D scans and Cervical Length assessment.
With this many years of experience in this specialized field, she is able to provide her ultrasound skills and the best care for the patients.



Principal Sonographer and Deputy Manager

Commenced her career as a radiographer in Singapore General Hospital. She progressed to specialize in ultrasound when she was awarded a sponsorship from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for a course in Medical Ultrasound in London in 1990 with special interests in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She did her O&G attachments in King’s College Hospital and Queen’s Charlotte Hospital. Graduated in 1992 with Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (UK). She has also obtained the Fetal Medicine Foundation Certificate of Competence for First Trimester Obstetrics (online yearly accreditation since 2004).
She has been performing Obstetric Ultrasound for 28 years in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Raffles Hospital and currently in Mt Alvernia Hospital. During this time, she has performed a wide variety of scans e.g.  First Trimester Scans, Pre-eclampsia screening, Fetal Anomaly Scan, Growth Scan, Doppler Scan, 3D scans, Cervical Length assessment. This has greatly sharpened her ultrasound skills and enhanced her capabilities in providing the best care and scans for the patients.



Senior Sonographer

Jennifer is a senior sonographer in Alvernia Obstetrics Screening Centre. She obtained her MBBS from Wuhan University in China in July 2012. She then moved from Hong Kong to Singapore and started her career on September at the same year as a clinical research coordinator in KK women’s and children’s hospital. She participated in the research studies which are related to prenatal examination for pregnant woman. She serviced in the research team about 1.5 years and she found her interest in Obstetrics ultrasound. She obtained the certificate of obstetrics and gynecological ultrasound and fetal echocardiography ultrasound from the Burwin institute and became a sonographer in 2014 in KK women’s and children’s hospital. She joined our clinic since 2019. Jennifer can preform different kind of prenatal scan, such as first trimester scan, preeclampsia screening, second trimester structural scan, third trimester growth scan, cervical length scan, doppler scan and 3D scan.
She is also a mother of 1 child. She enjoyed every moment in her pregnancy, especially when the time she worked in AOSC during her pregnancy, because she found that she could understand how are the patients’ feel and what they need when they are pregnant.



Patient Service Officer

Lennie is the Patient Service Officer. She obtained her Diploma in Civil Aviation, in 2016. She then started her career in 2017 as a Senior Patient Service Associate at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital at Children’s A&E. Then she moves to Mount Alvernia Hospital as a Patient Service Officer at Alvernia Obstetrics Screening Centre in 2019. She does all front line jobs, such as registration, picking up calls for appointments and collecting payments. She is good in liaising with patients or clinic staffs to rearrange the appointment if there’s any changes.

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Senior Patient Service Officer

Patient service officer who completed her A Levels in year 2009 . First started working as a frontline customer service agent in Changi Airport in year 2011.
Subsequently started working in the healthcare industry in year 2012 at Mount Alvernia Business Office and worked 7 years in Thomson Medical Business Office . Joined Alvernia Obstetrics Screening Centre in year 2020.